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7 piece brush set includes case
Blush Brush - goat 
Primer - nylon
Shadow Brush - pony 
Detail Brush - pony
Liner Brush - vegan
Lip Brush - vegan
Lash Brow Brush - vegan

14 piece brush set includes case
Large Powder Brush - Nylon
Blush Brush - Nylon
Eye Shadow Brush - Pony
Concealer Brush - Nylon
Round E/S Smudge Brush - Nylon
Smudge Brush - Nylon
Precision E/S Brush - Pony
Large Angle Brush - Nylon
Concealer Brush - Nylon
Angled Brush - Raccoon
Lip Brush - Sable
Eye Liner Brush - Sable
Brow Brush - Nylon
Eye Brow/Lash Comb - Boar

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