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Features - Lightweight volume-amplifying anti-frizz shampoo reinforces hair for long-lasting hold, while boosting shine without weigh down.

How To Use -

How to Use our Hair Thickening Shampoo, Bain Volumique:

Step 1. Apply our volumizing shampoo to damp hair.

Step 2. Emulsify and Massage through strands, ensuring to coat hair fully.

Step 3. Rinse this volumizing shampoo out of hair completely.

Step 4. Finish with Gelée Volume to boost hair volume and shine.

Benefits -

Bain Volumifique doubles as a hair thickening shampoo for those with fine and flat hair looking for hair volume and an anti-frizz shampoo to promote incredible shine, softness and frizz control. This volumizing shampoo has an Amplifex System formula which gives a visible thickening effect to the fiber by restoring it while boosting hair volume with its lightweight finish. Our hair thickening shampoo contains cellulose powder to thicken hair fiber for amplified hair volume and Intra-cylane® which provides long-lasting hold. Giving hair volume and thickness without weighing it down is why Bain Volumique is our best hair thickening shampoo.

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