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Features - Volume In Powder. Dry volumizing and texturizing hairspray.

How to Use -

How to Use Hair Volume Spray, VIP Volume in Powder:

Step 1. Shake Well.

Step 2. Hold dry texturizing spray 10-12 inches away from hair and spray on dry or towel-dried hair.

Step 3. Work fingers through hair to add instant volume and texture.

Step 4. Style the hair to obtain a volumized backcomb effect.

Benefits -

VIP Volume in Powder is an hair volume spray for all types of hair looking for texture. The innovative formula found in this matte hairspray infuses the fiber with volume and body from the root and through the lengths, without any residue accumulation. This dry texturizing spray has a combination of innovative ingredients guarantees highly texturized backcombing effect, with instantaneous transformation result from a unique horizontal diffusion. VIP Volume in Powder root lifting spay contains with Crystalline Mineral Powder, it ensures a matte and natural finish.

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