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Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura - Ashita Supreme Intense Revitalization Shampoo

Shu Uemura - Ashita Supreme Intense Revitalization Shampoo

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" - gently cleanses hair while conditioning - smoothes hair with a natural glow and a lavish touch " ashitaba is an ancestral plant from japan with extraordinary self-regenerating virtues. when ashitaba’s stem is sliced, a precious golden sap is revealed, and within only 24-hours a new leaf appears. the most precious japanese regenerating ingredient is consciously sourced on hachijyo-jima island, known as the ashitaba plant's place of origin.

aqua / water / eau● sodIum laureth sulfate● coco-betaIne● sodIum chlorIde● parfum / fragrance● laureth-5 carboxylIc acId● amodImethIcone● sodIum benzoate● sodIum● hydroxIde● cItrIc acId● hexylene glycol● polyquaternIum-7● cocamIde mIpa● peg-55● propylene glycol oleate● propylene glycol● salIcylIc acId● peg-60 hydrogenated castor oIl● butylene glycol● benzyl salIcylate● lInalool● benzyl alcohol● lImonene● alpha-Isomethyl Ionone● hydroxycItronellal● angelIca keIskeI leaf/stem extract

"apply on wet hair, massage and rinse. finish with ashita supreme conditioner or treatment and serum. once a week for double cleansing, begin by applying the ashita supreme scrub and proceed with shampoo before continuing with the rest of the range. in case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately and thoroughly."

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